The Playmate AMX

In 1968, Playboy contacted American Motors and placed an order for a custom 1968 AMX, to be painted "Playmate Pink" at the factory. Upon the car's arrival in the Los Angeles area the Playmate AMX was formally awarded to Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri)  as her grand prize for being named that year's "Playmate of the Year." The Playmate AMX was the 5th car painted "Playmate Pink" to be awarded to a PMOY, a tradition started in 1964.

Every PMOY who was awarded a pink car almost immediately changed the color. The reason? The Playmates would be stopped by cops for an autograph, or guys would try to follow them home. Victoria Vetri was no different. She quickly painted her car to a chocolate brown shade, the first of several colors the car would see over the years.

After 11 "Playmate Pink" cars Playboy changed its tradition to let each year's PMOY choose her own color instead of "Playmate Pink."

1968 Playmate of the Year

This is the picture that appeared in the May 1968 issue of Playboy, announcing Victoria Vetri, aka Angela Dorian, as Playmate of the Year. The AMX in this picture is a temporary AMX, painted pink for the day, for a photo shoot, to allow Playboy to get this issue to the printing press on a timely manner.

Her permanent car would follow later after completion at the AMC factory in Kenosha, WI.

The Playmate Receives Her Grand Prize 

In this picture, Robert McNeally, AMC VP of Marketing, is presenting the keys to
Victoria Vetri's new (for keeps) 1968 AMX.

This picture was taken across the street from Hugh Hefner's Los Angeles office. Victoria reports that she was upstrairs talking to Mr. Hefner while the photographers were preparing for the photo shoot. When they were ready they called up to Hefner's office and asked for Victoria to come down, and the moment was captured for posterity.

50 years later..

In 2018 Victoria Vetri returned to the same exact location for another photo shoot. Here Victoria holds the photo of her receiving the keys to her car that was originally taken in 1968.

Two photos, same location, 50 years apart. You can see in the ​background of the ​two photos how the building roofs match each other. Unfortunately ​over time 10 foot high ​hedges have grown up to obscure a better view of the buildings.

There is a numbered plaque on the glove box of the Playmate AMX. In other AMXs it loosely represents the  production order number of the car.

In this car it represents the measurements of the Playmate, Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri.)

The Playmate on the go..

When the Playmate Victoria Vetri traveled on promotional tours an AMX would be waiting for her personal use, usually accompanied with a bouquet of flowers.