After the Playmate AMX's sale in July, 2010 it was placed in storage for 2 years while a plan was developed how to best restore the car. In June of 2012 it was moved to a fellow club member's home where it was disassembled with the help of 8 other club members. Over the next 6 months a rotisserie was built for the car, and extensive work on the body began. The lower right quarter inner and outer panels were replaced. Holes were filled in the floor pan, and other various sheet metal panels were straightened. The job of cleaning the undercoating began. It was a slow process.

Then the restoration took a different direction when a club member offered to finish the undercoating. The car was moved so he could more efficiently work on it at his home. However the car never left his home until it was completely finished some 2 years later. He worked on it almost daily, from the body work to interior and electrical installation, to over seeing the painting of the car in January 2015. The Playmate's AMX at the start of the restoration was at best a parts car. When finished it was again a beauty queen, like its former owner.

Restoration Video

Video clips and photos taken during the Playmate AMX's restoration were gathered together to create this short 9 minute Youtube video that tells the overall story of going from a old beat up parts car,
to a stunning award winning beauty queen.